How to Know Whether You Need a New Roof

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3 reasons to install a new roof

3 reasons to install a new roof

  1. Frequent repairs: Do you find yourself picking up shingles on your property and scheduling shingle replacement after every storm? It’s time to start from scratch and replace your entire roof.
  2. Old age: If you have an old roof, be proactive about replacing it before costly damage occurs. Replacing your roof in a timely manner can save your home from additional damage.
  3. Your roof valleys are vulnerable: The points where different areas of the roof meet to funnel precipitation to the gutters are called valleys. When they are compromised, they make it easy for water to leak into your interior.

If your property is in need of frequent repairs or it’s simply getting old, it’s time to call R & R Roofing and Remodeling, LLC in Haughton, LA to schedule your new roof installation.